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“When the soul wishes to experience something she throws out an image in front of her and then steps into it.”

 ~ Meister Eckhart


Hi there! If you were referred to me as Jen Pratt you are in the right place. Lucky me, I have two names! I have a difficult time describing my work so bear with me, ok? 

I have worked with people on all kinds of transformation they have been looking for in their lives; physical issues, emotional issues, professional issues, relationship issues and fertility issues, to name a few. I could say that I began working with people as an intuitive healer in October of 2009, or I could say it was in 2007, or in the late nineties in Santa Fe and NYC, or I could name earlier times when the experience I now am completely aware of and enter into consciously was happening between me and people in my life. When I worked with a therapist as a teenager they told my mom that I should be a therapist, and my response was "No way!", because it felt like I already had a full plate. And yet, in my thirties, when I was doing my own intensive therapy I was in a group and the therapist asked me to spend time with one group member for an evening that was going to be very difficult for him because I was the only person he would speak to. That could sound stressful and weird, but the truth is that for me at that time it felt perfect, wonderful and amazing. So it is now my understanding that, at least for me, intuitive healing is less about what I do than it is is about who I am and the work I do finds me, I do not find the work.

My only real job is to trust my heart and to fearlessly be whomever I am in any given moment, and to simply allow the work to happen. That is because first and foremost I am a channel. Like many others, I have an agreement with several out of body enlightened masters to work together. I only realized that not everyone is choosing to experience this agreement when a friend, a doctor, explained to me that she did not have conversations in her mind with multiple perspectives chiming in. There are many people who are hearing guidance and don't know it, some in this way and some in other ways. I also receive information, at times, in a way that I used to describe as an injection, but now it feels like it's simply emerging. Sometimes information comes as images in my mind or sometimes images with information.


So a big part of my work, regardless of specific issues, has been helping other people to hear their own internal guidance, or to navigate their internal dialogue or experiences to have a better grasp on what is guidance and what is not. It is my understanding that every single one of us has the ability available to us to receive guidance, and that none of us are able to have clearer guidance than the guidance we find if we choose to become clear in our own heart. So one aspect of my work is coaching people to help them actively bring their awareness into their own heart and to figure out and then trust what feels like inspired guidance to them. Learning to trust what we hear/feel/see/know, however that information comes through is the best gift we can give ourselves and, in my experience, the road to freedom.

And finally, there is an aspect of my work that I personally think is best explained as quantum healing, even though that term may sound abstract to some. Some of the work is me observing the person's body for patterns that may, or may not, be presenting as physical issues but they have emotional roots and can often be cleared by observing the space with internal focus and my guides help. That work is often playful and fun, and most people are able to feel it physically, which I find really helps them to trust the process. I explain this a little bit more in the My Story section.

Whether coaching is involved or not though, I consider the work that I do with people to always be a team effort. No person can create a lasting shift in another person without that person actively agreeing to it and also doing the work to release the things they wish to move on from and to keep the momentum of a shift they are opening themselves to. This process is as uniquely individual and precious as a piece of artwork. That is what makes describing the work that I do very difficult! Please do check out the testimonials, and you will see what I mean. They are a fun read, I am incredibly blessed with wonderful, amazing, and fun clients! 



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