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For testimonials, I ask people to write about their experience of our work. For me, every person that I work with is as different as every snowflake is, and it's difficult for me to have any idea of what they are getting out of it, so these are as much for me as for you. 
If you've worked with me and feel inspired to write about it I would love it! If you paste it into an email and send it to me at and I will post it. 

“It was in 2010 that I was unexpectedly reunited with my old friend Jen Pratt. We had lost touch and we hadn’t spoken in many years until one night she called me.
“How are you doing” she asked.
“I’m great!”
Somehow she knew I was full of shit. I was not doing well…
At that time I was going through a divorce and a custody battle over my 2 year old son. I had lost all of my clients and my business was going down in flames. I was being evicted and hadn’t paid rent in 4 months. I felt this overwhelming need to be honest with her. To be open. I felt the sofa start shaking. This is when I learned what guides were. This is when I learned that my old friend Jen is an intuitive healer. This is when I realized that this was the help I was asking God for all those nights I couldn’t fall asleep.


The “work” started immediately, “take a deep breath” she said. What happened after that I wasn’t ready for, It was like my chest exploded. Like someone behind an old locked door kicked it open finally and all this crazy stuff starting flying out. I couldn’t stop crying. This went on for the rest of our session and continued for the next 3 days. These were tears of joy, something I had never experienced before. It was like I remembered who that happy little boy was. I was always happy when I was a little boy, they called me “smiley” something I had totally forgotten until her guides helped me uncover it. I would fall on the ground after our first sessions (when I was home thankfully) and just cry uncontrollably. I started to have dreams of my self dying in different ways and these angel beings showed me all of this stuff that was released each time, filling me with light, or uncovering the light that was always there.”

October 3, 2018

"What Jen does is unexplainable. There’s literally nothing I can compare it to. Anytime I have a session with her it is nothing short of a profound experience and I’m always left feeling alignment and tranquility. 

The first time I had an experience with Jen was about 10 years ago. She sort of rescued me from a bad situation I was in. She offered to do some work on me to which I was totally open to. Why not, right? I don’t totally remember the whole experience because it was so long ago but I do definitely remember feeling completely changed afterwards. It was like everything that had been bothering me didn’t matter anymore and I was completely free to be myself and be happy about it. I felt like I was alive and with purpose and I wanted to take on the world to show it what I was made of. The initial feeling lasted for weeks with the peak experience running with me for around seven to ten days. The best part about this was that I began to feel the courage I needed to put myself out there and go for things that I wanted to do. I began to really push myself in all areas of life because I just felt better about who I was and more confident in my abilities to succeed. Making those changes in my life allowed me to become happier overall. Jen… or who/whatever is helping her… really gave me the tools I needed to set things in motion and allow me to give myself the power I wanted and needed.

Lately I’ve been struggling with some personal and family issues and I happened to come in contact with Jen again. She had another session with me and immediately it just put everything back into perspective. She has a few basic instructions she gives me to follow during her session but it’s almost like she’s just relaying the information to me from another entity rather than telling me what to do on her own. As the session began I felt a whirlwind of emotions and didn’t know if I should laugh or cry or sleep or scream. Something was definitely happening though. Even though a lot of what’s going on seems strange, everything that happens during the session just sort of makes sense. It’s very difficult to explain in specification what’s happening because I believe everyone is going to have their own very unique experience that will only make sense to themselves. Through the beginning of the session I felt very apprehensive and almost fearful of judgement but just becoming aware of these feelings helped me to let them go. In the end I felt very cuddly and full of love. Woo Hoo!

Sometimes you don’t realize how wrong something can be until it’s made right. Jen will definitely help you connect with yourself and align things in your life that you may not even know are out of place. Trust me, trust her and connect with her!"

Keshava Kaipaka

September 19, 2018

I first met Jen in Kaui 2010. At that time I was holding on to something about my dad. My dad wasn’t good to my mum. He was naughty. We lost our house, business and pretty much everything we owned to pay off his debts. I couldn’t forgive him.

Dad passed away 15 years ago in 2010 when Jenny I met. She knew that it’s something inside me holding me down. She kindly offered me if she could work on it but I have to be open. I said sure.


Before Lady Jen worked on me. She didn’t ask me about my issue. She told me to stand and close my eyes. She did something around me that I can feel her energy/vibration from her hands through my body. After a wee while, maybe about 15-20 mins. Jen told me to place my hands wherever I want them. I placed them both together on my chest. When I did that Jen told me that's my dad! my dad’s right there at my heart. She told me to open my eyes. I felt lifted! I felt light. I felt great! I felt that something negative that I had been holding on for a long time had gone. I had tears came out from my eyes.

Thank you so much Lady Jen for your healing, your energy, your inspiration. I can’t remembered that I actually thanked her properly at that time. I felt so different. Something I had never experienced before. This is my chance to thank her properly. Thanks Jen very much for your LOVE

Jen & I now have been friends since then. She’s still heal me, inspire me in any kind of forms. Her beautiful being, her posts, her messages, her stories, everything. I wish you Lady Jen, all the blessings, the energy, the love that you gave us go right back at you! This phrase “right back at ya!" I actually learnt from you ha haaa

I love you,

Tanya Punter from New Zealand : )

14 September 2018

"Jen has helped me in deep, profound ways. Working with her felt like a logical next step in my journey, but I had no idea just how deep it would go. She and her guides helped me to uproot and release some deep ingrained patterns that were no longer serving me. My emotional health has been permanently changed for the better. My favorite thing about working with Jen is that I am a very active participant. Rare are the sessions where I just sit there and let her guides do all the work. After we worked through the deep sludge, the sessions felt lighter, and more fun, to the point where I felt I could continue the work on my own. Synchronicity and joy are the rule more than the exception now, and I have Jen and her guides to thank for that. 😃👽👼💓🐕🦄🐬🌸🔮🌈🎁"



September 9, 2018

“The beauty of working with Jen is the way she can use her intuitive instincts, her playful nature, and her connection to her guides to guide you. For me, as someone who has worked with therapists and businesses coaches, I love how she really developed my spiritual side. This allowed me to reframe and manifest on another level. To love things about myself that I couldn’t appreciate. Jen is both very loving and a stern teacher. Which is what I need. What I found so helpful was how she would analyze a situation in my life and help me see the psychic forces at work and how I could better respond knowing this, both inwardly and outwardly. Also, Jen is just so much fun to work with. Her joy and gratitude is contagious.”

September 6, 2018

My awesome friend, and amazing human, Lopez Lomong gave me permission to write about some work I did on him. Lopez is someone who has inspired me many times, just by being his wonderful positive self and, of course, for all of the incredible things he has accomplished in his life. He was one of the lost boys of Sudan and he became an Olympic runner, and he is a runner for Nike. His book, Running For My Life, tells his story beautifully. It is literally the most intense childhood story I’ve ever heard and is also the most inspiring. He received the Visa Humanitarian of the Year award in 2012 for the beautiful work his foundation is doing to help the people of South Sudan thrive. He is one of the most optimistic, fun and joyful people I know.


Lopez asked me if it was difficult for me to read about his childhood. I told him that it actually wasn’t because I know who he is now and that made him happy because he wants his book to inspire people. He told me that sometimes at book signings people come up to him in tears after reading his book, and he asked me what I thought he could tell them to help them feel better. I told him that he could tell them that he left his prison behind and has found freedom and happiness and that they can do the same. He loved that. Lopez has an amazing ability to let go of suffering and find freedom and happiness and to spread it to others as well. Every time I get to hang out with him I feel lighter and more joyful from the presence of his beautiful heart.


So… Lopez is my neighbor and last year we were hanging out at a local place here in town. He didn’t want to sit down and, when I asked him why he told me he his ankle was aching and sitting made it worse. He didn’t make a big deal of it so initially I wasn’t too concerned but later on, as we were walking to our homes, he mentioned that he had a doctors appointment the next morning and was a bit concerned he may need surgery. Obviously, I wanted to try to help if I could, so I asked him if I could try something and he said sure. We stopped at a city bench and I did a bit of the quantum healing work that I do, it took fifteen minutes tops. Lopez was surprised when the wave of energy made him sit down. I’d never worked on him before, it was his first experience of the feeling.


We both sat and I believe I made a bit of small talk to distract him from the work for a few moments, as sometimes that helps the shift. Then I asked him how his ankle felt and he told me the pain was gone. He stood up and put weight on it and was surprised and pleased to tell me it was fine now. I checked in with him a few days later and was happy to hear that it was still totally fine. It felt pretty great to be able to help someone who gives so much to our world. As I’ve mentioned, the work I do is a team effort, and I believe the reason it was an easy fifteen-minute piece of work was because of Lopez’s incredible ability to let go of suffering, of confinement, and embrace freedom. What could be more inspiring than that!


Written by me about working on Lopez Lomong

September 2, 2018

When I first began working with people as an intuitive healer I did not want them to give me any information because I needed to learn to trust my guides and myself. After a couple of years, that phased out as it no longer felt necessary. Now, after nine years, I know that whatever happens on a call will always be exactly what is needed, and it always is! 

"Working with Jen started very mysteriously, a friend said email and ask if she can help, but do not tell her what you want to work on. Sure enough, midway through our first conversation, she figured out what needed working on. The first session seemed a bit strange to me. I mean I didn’t know I had guides who were waiting for me to tune in. The thought of having these extra helpers just waiting to be helpful was comforting on a level that I cannot describe. 
Jen did some things that I can only envision as shamanic. I had some interesting energy blockages that were manifesting as skin issues. Jen, with the help of my guides, were able to clear the blockage, and within a few days my skin cleared up. She introduced me to a “new to me” concept of a heart space. Community Acupuncturists have a term for holding space within the clinic. If your heart space isn't in order, you cannot hold space for others. Working with Jen has allowed me to learn to hold space in a healthy way. 


I've learned a few things working with Jen the most important being that my clinic is sentient and her name is Sheila. Her personality is summed up best by the following lyrics written sung by Morrisey: “Sheila take a, Sheila take a bow Boot the grime of this world in the crotch, dear.” Sheila helps those coming into the clinic boot the grime of the world in the crotch. My clinic having a distinct personality was a bit of a leap for me, but within an hour of clearing the space and speaking with Jen my schedule had filled up. Like most, if ignored, Sheila is not very happy. My clinic will let me know I need to check in from time to time, but she does most of the heavy lifting so I’m happy to oblige.


Some call it guides, other Angels, and it may well be entities from another dimension but they're around to help. Jen is a bit like a translator and can help guide one through the hurdles we face/carry. It's not always easy work, and it can be emotional but it is very freeing. Most of all Jen has helped me learn to trust the process."


Craig L

August 29, 2018 

"I called Jen immediately after I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), over 5 years ago. I was panicked, but Jen was able to get me to view my diagnosis objectively. 

In the five years since the diagnosis I have remembered how to be a witness and observer to my MS. This ability has allowed me to be high functional instead of being a cripple! 

My gratitude is deep to Jen and I value her many levels of healing knowledge."


Julia Carroll, Ph.D.
August 22, 2018

For a while, I was asking people to drop in their heart and ask their internal guidance what to send me after we worked. I am not doing that anymore, it can be a wonderful way to work, and made sense for me at that time but I'm in a new 'place' now. If you are interested in working with me see the session info section for rates.

"Hey, so I hope you don't think I'm trying to gyp you. I'm just having a hard time thinking of what I can give you. Dollars or otherwise. I've been working a lot pretty much non stop, but today I was able to go out into the world other than at work where I play a specific role, and it was amazing, walking down the street for the first time in a long time felt good genuinely pleasant usually it's uncomfortable and I would have been paranoid of others or self-conscious but it was totally great. I went to the laundry Matt and made friends with a guy who doesn't speak any English. Well not friends friends but the genuine interaction was astounding the people around me seemed happier too it was profound and refreshing. Which brings me back to why I'm having a hard time coming up with something I've paid plenty of money for things that were nothing in comparison and sure I got and still get enjoyment from my computer, tv, phone, Xbox, etc it still dwarfs in comparison to the enjoyment I get from smelling fresh air and talking to complete strangers or even sitting in silence with complete strangers for that matter. The money I'm able to give you now is nothing close to what I think your work is worth and I want you to know that. It's priceless absolutely priceless, and I thank you, and hope to work with you in the future." 


February 28, 2015

"I am a licensed, practicing acupuncturist in New York City. I shared with Jen that I wanted “see” what’s going on inside when working with patients. 

Jen said that her guides want me to “put on a pair of glasses”. I seized that idea and imagined a fun pair of “x-ray” glasses, commonly found in ‘Joke Shops’. I was engaged and ready for fun. Jen said, “They want you to wear serious glasses, black rimmed, that a doctor or scientist would wear.” I imagined the glasses that Mr. Peabody, Sherman’s serious and cerebral dog, wears. 

Several times I remembered to put on my glasses and I did so, peering intently at the area of my patient that I was trying to affect. I shared this with Jen and said that unfortunately, the glass didn’t give me any special vision. She said that they were not magical x-ray glasses, but rather instruments of insight...

I continued to use them, closing my eyes and consciously imagining putting them on, then opening my eyes and getting to business. One afternoon I was directing healing energy, close-eyed, picturing the organ, to a patient suffering from Lung Cancer. I imagined that I saw the diaphragm bounce up and down. This made perfect sense and I directed energy there, before moving on. The next week, with the same patient, at the same stage of directing energy to the lung I remembered that the previous week I had “imagined” the diaphragm “asking” for energy. I scanned the ligament and it was quiet, but my attention was drawn to the kidneys. They were not emphatically bouncing, as the diaphragm had been the previous week, but they were more like a dog politely sitting at attention, asking for a treat. It didn’t make sense at all with this patient, but I directed energy there, none the less.

The patient’s spouse also works with healing energies and had been in the room with me both times. I told them that it didn’t make sense, but I felt compelled to “energize’ the kidneys. They told me that they had done a healing session with my teacher earlier in the week and he had said that the kidneys were low on energy and need “charging”. My teacher is an amazing healer and definitely sees, has spot-on insight. I reflected on these two incidents and then several other incidents with patients and realized that the glasses do indeed work very well. I’m grateful for the insightful instrument that I have been granted use of!"

John Miller

February 20, 2010 

"Here's the story. I met Jen a loooong time ago, in the ashram, and back then, we'd talk a bit, hang out a little, but then would zoom off to our respective sevas (work) and not see each other again for some time. We re-connected just in the last year via FB and it's been lovely to read about her work. Today, I got to experience it for myself.


I told Jen I've been struggling for years, thinking that all the work I did in teaching yoga and meditation in prisons and rehab facilities had been for nothing. That it hadn't made the slightest bit of difference. That my heart was so firmly closed up, Thor's hammer couldn't break it open. Jen laughed (she has a great laugh!) and said, "Dude! We can totally work on that!"

She talked about love and giving and receiving - things I'd been wrestling with for ages. But Jen was able to keep it light and joyful - yet acknowledging when I had a difficult moment or two. She talked a LOT about gratitude and re-framed stories I'd told her about teaching in prisons and made it possible for me to see - to experience, very deeply - the gratitude that inmates had felt for what I'd taught. When I was able to see those stories through her re-framing of them, my own hard heart softened and opened up. I could say thank you to the inmates, thank you to the path that had brought me thus far.

I finally could see that what I had offered had absolutely mattered - and when I saw that, I was able to breathe. It felt as if I hadn't taken a deep breath in years.

Jen approached all of this with great love and great respect - and with a beautiful lightness, that transformed what seemed to be intransigent, sad feelings into genuine joy and hope. Emily Dickinson once wrote, "Hope inspires the good to reveal itself."

Jen is the real thing and an inspiration! Thank you, with all my heart! xoxo"

October, 6 2018

"Well. I just had the opportunity to work with Jen again and she is amazing! I was struggling with a fairly deep issue - a dear friend of mind is ill with Stage 4 cancer and she's having a rough time. Just last weekend, she was in very bad shape - in so much pain, ceaselessly crying and asking me to talk her through the five stages of dying. I froze. I couldn't do it. I'd read those books, I knew what she was talking about, but this was my oldest friend - how could I talk her through this?


When Jen worked with me today, I told her about this and she had some very wise words. Jen said it's really hard to try to walk someone through a list of therapeutic stages, but - couldn't I just help my friend feel safe? Couldn't I help her feel loved? That stopped my mind from chattering immediately. I just sat with what Jen had said and let my heart open. Yes. Yes, I could absolutely help my friend feel safe and feel loved. When I understood that, my body released an enormous amount of tension and fear and I was able to feel safe as well.

I think Jen is able to do what she does because there's very little in her way. When she feels love, she is able to share it with whomever she's speaking with. She is one of the most open-hearted and truly brave people I know. She just IS the support and the love that is needed at the moment - and it's a pretty glorious thing to witness!
Thank you, Jen!"

Saturday - October 20, 2018

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